Talking faced to the wall

I like this view that Beijing is a country indeed, not only a city. The endless expansion of gray outside the red walls is the keynote of the city, the red is infiltrating deeply, subjective and crankiness, the gray is penetrating into red…,Awakening in the morning, I feel myself back to life, but how about to bear my heart.

My living space is separated by the wall, everything inside is closed and stopped here with the outside world. The body and mind is sheltered there, sureness and religiosity from time-honored Tempera I used, at which moment, I always talk about something with the wall. I think that any wall has its inexhaustible narratives…

The colour gamut breaks the fence of formation and mix itself with the great waves, just as blood vessels. Maybe, it comes from my soul and is spread over the canvas, look at it expands slowly, suffocating. Oh, what it breathes the colors of humanity’s tragedy, I can taste its suffering, love and animosity along with an unnamed fear.

The thick earth-red of the Forbidden City, the flaunt pink after 2000 years, the rose-red, the pure blood color…, a city and a period of time unite my heart.

Our reality often is incomplete, the daily continuity is intervened momentarily, or is bothered and paused…The overlapped images of my picture is similar to enlarged bricks of the wall or their broken pieces. I would prefer to see an endless wall, for it will be more thorough, more desperate. That’s a true object which I used to pursue sincerely.

I’m not tied to the doctrines of painting technique, self-isolated from the “boom” of Chinese contemporary economy and her art, only for the high-minded of painting and no compromise. I really dislike the kind of atmosphere of noisy and the shallowness outside the wall, although the world will be watching here.

Someone saying that I am engaged in a sort of hermetic paintings, a still life of self-spiritual, but each when the hue of paint transforms along with the shift of light source, my feelings also follows it to fluctuate… so fantastic, I enjoy this moment which is unspeakable. You know, I would like to look for splendour and restructuring, and to present the concept of works along with my incessant attempting and exploring. Thanks so much for all who attended to me.

June 9, 2008 in Beijing


北京是国家,不仅是城(我赞同这说法)。城墙的红之外无际的灰 ,是这城的基调。红渗入心,主观, 偏执。 灰潜进红… 惊醒后, 发觉自己生还 ,心, 何以承载?

墙,拒绝外界 —— 墙内封闭,交流至墙中止。四壁,身心隐蔽其中,安全,阻隔…和墙说话。世间每一面墙都有道不尽的过往。

色域冲破造型的藩篱, 与血脉奔流的波澜交汇 。来自灵魂,弥漫画布。笼罩,窒息,会痛,爱恨,呼吸着的颜色,因人类的悲剧色彩,一切错误和内心无边的恐惧。



背离技法,疏远群落,纯粹,不妥协。The art of hermetic science 我在写生,那段日子的事件,心境,当日新闻,听自然知。